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Sue Brodie NORWICH.




Sue Brodie




Telephone: 01362 857801


Mobile: 07833 174399


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Sue’s Healing journey began in 2003 training initially in Reiki and then with The Healing Trust, becoming a full healer in 2006.


Sue has also trained in Counselling Skills, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and has a Diploma in Life Coaching.
Sue feels that all these therapies and techniques complement the healing process.


Sue runs a Healer Development Support Group and with other colleague NFSH healers, the Norwich Healing Centre.


Sue enjoys rural living, walking with her two dogs Mylo and Charlie (Retriever and Spaniel), reading, listening to music, photography, old Land Rovers and growing veggies.


Sue is passionate about promoting positive health and well-being through the healing process and keen to help others develop on their own healing journey through The Healing Trust training courses.



Elisabeth Bond IPSWICH




Elisabeth Bond




Telephone: 01473 437655


Mobile: 07749 235597




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Elisabeth’s spiritual development started through the sudden death of her mother in 1987. This painful loss opened many doors and deepened her understanding of healing and spirituality.


Elisabeth joined the Healing Trust in 1999. She became a full Healer member in 2002 and qualified as a tutor in 2006.
She initiated and leads the monthly healer support group in Ipswich. Elisabeth is also an active member of the Cedars healing clinic in Ipswich where she was the healing liaison for many years.


Elisabeth is a qualified social worker with more than 18 years of experience in this field.
She holds a qualification in counselling and a Diploma in hypnotherapy. She is also a Reiki Master.
In 2001 her interest into colour and her work as a healer over a many years was complemented by training in Aura Soma, a colour therapy.
In 2015 she completed training in a therapy called PraNeoHom, another form of energy healing, where symbols amongst other tools are used to enhance health. She holds a practitioner and tutor certificate in this healing modality.


Elisabeth finds teaching and mentoring her students in their spiritual development and growth deeply fulfilling and rewarding.