Student Healers
Support and guidance.


The NFSH endeavors to offer support and guidance to Student Members so that they may gain experience and become proficient in their healing work.


For those who cannot have access to a local Development/Support Group, the NFSH tries to put Students in touch with full Healer Members who have agreed to act as Sponsors on a one-to-one basis. Sponsors, like Development/Support Group Leaders, will monitor a Student's progress, act as a mentor, and assist where possible the Student's healing progress. They will also undertake to fill in the Student's Log Book in preparation for application into full Healer Membership.


'SPIRITUS' a section with the main body of the NFSH Bulletin, is the Students' platform and its content seeks to offer advice and guidance on a wide selection of areas pertinent to Student members.

How do I find patients?


Ginny Burman comes up with some ideas.


When you first join as a Student, you may never have experienced giving healing to anyone before. You may not be in an environment or area where it is possible to find anyone willing to receive healing. So how do you go about finding patients? As a Student can you expect your sponsor to provide you with patients?


Your sponsors are there to help and guide you and act as mentors but they cannot provide you with patients. If you are near a healing Centre you will be able to have contact with other healers and patients and practise healing. Check with the 'Healing Centres' page to locate where your nearest centres are and if they are official NFSH centres or independently run. In either case you need to be aware that a Centre may not always be able to accommodate any more Students than they already have so you may have to wait until an opportunity arises. Most Centres are only too willing to help and accept Students - so do make contact.


Go to the 'Support Groups' page to find a support group near to you. There may be other Students near you who may be interested in joining you to form your own support group.


Another route is to start healing with family and friends. Usually they will be willing to help you develop. If you have any family pets, practise on them They make wonderful patients as they have no preconceived ideas, do not have a clue what you are doing, so do not object and enjoy the healing. You can also work on plants in the house or in the garden. It is amazing to see how plants respond to healing and it can be a very good way of practising attunement, channelling and closing down.


Distant healing will also help you with attunement, channelling and closing down. It is a very powerful and effective way of healing and in these troubled times very much needed.


As you progress along your healing pathway you will find that people are drawn to you or you are presented with people who can either help you or need your help. It just is the natural law of attraction. If healing is your pathway you need not be concerned about how you find patients, as your energies will attract them to you. Stay positive - see this as part of your journey, part of your challenge. You may be tested to see how committed you are, how determined to be a healer.


The ultimate gift of being a healer will make you reflect on your journey and see it as a very valuable process. Even if you live in the remotest parts of the country your healing will be needed and used. If you are experiencing problems of feeling isolated and not able to find patients, let us know and let us see if we can support you in some way.