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Finding Joe DVD



Finding Joe draws on the teachings and discoveries of the late mythologist Joseph Campbell who made a life long study of mythology and the human experience. Much of the material is drawn from Campbell's book 'The Hero's Journey'.


The theory is that each of us is 'called to adventure'. We encounter challenges and have the opportunity to follow our dreams and become the hero in our own story. This draws a parallel with the mythological tales and fairy stories that have been told since ancient times and how relevant they are today.


Some of the concepts are acted out by children and there are interviews from several interesting contributors including Deepak Chopra.


A 'self help' type of DVD guiding us all to 'follow our bliss'.



The Legend of Bagger Vance DVD


"Some things can't be Learned………….They must be remembered"


From time to time mainstream cinema produce films containing spiritual truths and our relationship with the Divine. This is one of them.

Once hailed as the "Golfing Movie".
Please do not be put off; you don't need to enjoy golf to appreciate the film. Just ask Ann!!!


It is an inspirational moving human story of Soul searching, leading to personal transformation in a real sense of the word.... A must see.


This should be still available through main High Street dvd/cd outlets. However it was released in 2000, so Amazon is a good idea.


Reviewed by Keith Goodwin


Icons of the Field


Lynne McTaggart - A Living the Field DVD


This DVD presents the proceedings of a two-day conference, which featured six eminent speakers representing various disciplines in the extensive field of quantum physics - the Zero Point Field. The conference was hosted by Lynne McTaggart (What Doctors Don't Tell You - WDDTY - organisation) and follows on from 'The Field' the book that is being considered a landmark Work in the presentation of Quantum Physics.


The six eminent Icons are:


  • Gary Schwartz: the psychologist who pioneered the famous Afterlife Experiments on mediums and gave evidence that transplant surgery also appears to transplant the donor's personality.

  • Pim Van Lommel: a charismatic cardiologist, whose study of Near Death Experiences published in The Lancet, showed that memories and thought processes occur outside the physical body.

  • Karl Pribram: -the eminent neurosurgeon who first developed the holographic universe concept sometimes referred to as, - or Holism versus Wholism.

  • Hal Puthoff: considered by many as the world's leading physicist researching Remote Viewing, and the Zero Point Field. Quoted as proving - Science facts outstrips science fiction.

  • William Tiller: the scientist whose experiment with an extraordinary 'Black Box' proves thought is an energy that can be captured and that it changes physical reality around it.

  • Konstantin Korotkov: the Russian physicist who developed 'real-time' computerised Kirlian-style photography and has studied the human energy with bio-electrography. Korotkov's research shows that energy emanating from a human being may be read, like a graph, to determine a person's state of health.

    Icons of the Field needs to be watched and digested more than once because, as with many leaders in their field, not all are able to impart their vast and important knowledge in an easy to absorb style for the layman. But don't let this put you off obtaining the DVD because like a treasure chest, the more you dip into it, the greater array of the gifts reveal themselves to the enquiring, receptive mind.


    'Icons of the Field' DVD is available through the WDDTY website.

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    Chakra Chants & the Lost Chord


    by Johnathan Goldman


    For those interested in the use of Sound in Healing I have picked out two in particular.


    Chakra Chants and The Lost Chord are ideal for personal spiritual work or in a Healing Space with individuals. I have found them particularly useful in a Spiritual Development Group environment.


    Jonathan Goldman is a Chant Master and therefore does not allow "High Tech" to get in the way of the necessary vibrations.


    Chakra chants and The Lost Chord are produced by Spirit Music. Web Site :
    However I purchased them on line through Amazon.


    Reviewed by Keith Goodwin


    Seven Stones


    by Nigel Shaw

    Seventh Wave Music


    Reflecting aspects of the sacred landscapes of Dartmoor. the seven movements are each a key for entry into each circle of life and each represents a foundation stone of our nature


    Another inspired and melodic CD by Nigel Shaw


    Review Diana Bylett MNFSH


    Light From Orion


    by Kevin Kendle

    Eventide Music Ltd.


    Inspired by the constellation of Orion, this album takes the listener on a journey in space.The tracks merge to give a continuous stream of music.


    Can be used as an accompaniment to therapy, where appropriate, visualisation for other worldly atmospheres, or just to listen to and let the mind wander.


    Review Diana Bylett MNFSH


    Silver Wings


    by Mike Rowland

    New World Company


    Meditative and healing, this recording is one of the most beautiful relaxation soundtracks I have heard. From the first few bars it brings with it a glow of angelic sensation, hinting at the Fairy and Nature Kingdoms in a pure and magical way.


    The gentle quality of the music slides through the consciousness, taking its listeners on a journey of self-discovery and peace, making a person feel wrapped up in love. I would say this music is ideal for anyone who needs to bring harmony and balance back into their lives, and certainly for anyone wishing to reach a small piece of musical heaven.


    Review from Chantelle Coupland MNFSH


    Requiem – Well of Souls


    by Nigel Shaw

    Seventh Wave Music


    I first heard this hauntingly powerful composition on 'The Journey of a Lifetime' week's retreat at the beautiful convent of 'Son Bono' overlooking the turquoise Mediterranean in Majorca. The CD was played on the 'Healing with Sound' workshop facilitated by fellow NFSH tutor and healer Diana Bylett. Somehow, the setting and location heightened the intensity of the music and I believe I am correct in stating that everyone who attended that workshop sat in silent wonder, spellbound by the deeply moving majesty of the essence of the music.


    'The Well of Souls' is based in part on the classical form of Mass for the Dead yet the work is not dedicated to any religion but embodies a passion and magnificence to embrace a universal audience as it leads us into an awareness of honouring spirit. As the information on the CD informs us, Nigel Shaw's 'Well of Souls' is a personal interpretation of the journey through death and yet this music is clearly as much a celebration of life as a song for the dead.


    The composition evolves and takes the listener on a journey -beginning with the Eagle's Gift that is the gift of life, where the Requiem unfolds. Then, like water, the spirit is drawn from the 'Well of Souls' to experience life filled with both ecstasy and despair. A Prayer is offered up that all may live and die with dignity and may honour the Hallowed Earth. The journey continues and the fragile being desires Sanctuary, calling out for a place of safety until, at death, the soul tenderly whispers unto itself. Rest Gentle Heart. Compassion, forgiveness and Mercy are the graces, which we can bestow upon ourselves. Together, all living beings face the infinite and Eternal, moving beyond light and dark. Finally, Open and released, the soul takes flight on the everlasting quest for the Spirit of Eden.


    Note: 'Requiem - Well of Souls' is not background music to play while meditating or giving a therapy. This inspired mystical, musical journey deserves your undivided attention to allow it to lift you gently and profoundly into that inner sanctum where you may experience your heart's gentle rest.


    'Requiem - Well of Souls' is performed on piano and keyboards, wooden flutes, traditional whistles and gentle percussion. Vocals are by Caroline Hillyer. The album runs for 65minutes and is available on CD and Cassette.


    Reviewed by Pamela A. Lyons MNFSH


    Healing Vibrations



    by Martin Brofman


    Healing Vibrations contains two healing meditations created by Martin Brofman (author of Anything Can Be Healed). The first one, called Attunement, is intended as a self-healing and re-balancing meditation on the vibrations of colours and sounds associated with the chakras.


    The musical accompaniment is by sitar master Roop Verma, who is also a master of Nada Yoga, the ancient Indian science of the effect of musical vibrations on the human organism. In the second meditation, called Love and Energy, you imagine yourself surrounded by those who love you, and you feel this love entering you for your healing, while you are experiencing the intense transcendent vibrations of Roop Vermas sitar.



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