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The Whole Elephant Revealed


by Marja de Vries


If you only ever saw one part of an elephant, how would you describe the whole animal or understood how it lives, moves and behaves?
Marja de Vries' book offers the reader insights into the whole picture of who we are in the universe, how everything works, and how we are governed by the seven cardinal Universal Laws and the Golden Ratio.


By marrying deepest insights of ancient wisdom traditions with modern, cutting-edge scientific discoveries, a wider perspective is offered which allows us see beyond the smallness of our present existence to arrive at an understanding that human beings are an integral, synchronised aspect of the universe. The message is that Universal Laws apply to all aspects of our lives and, once understood, can be used as a frame of reference for personal and social transformation, helping us flourish within a more balanced, sustainable, peaceful world.


Undoubtedly, this is an important book for the 21st Century.


ISBN978-1-78099-042-2 RRP£18.99


The Wigapom Quest



by Penny Gillman


It is with great excitement that I tell you that my first book is due for publication in February 2011.
It has an allegorical spiritual adventure set in a magical world that encompasses much of the spiritual teaching that we, as healers, are familiar with. It is a search for Self, focusing on the discovery of seven stones that will re-open the book of true Magic and bring light back to the world.


Published by Matador at £8.99, it has been positively reviewed already by two highly distinguished healers from our region, Sir Tom Lucas, ( "absolutely gripping an inspirational page turner" ) and Valerie Hall, FMNFSH ( "a thought - provoking novel of great insight" ) and I hope you will also read it and enjoy it. It will be available from Amazon.






Cleverly crafted journey that takes the reader on the Quest with Wigapom and his friends which parallels and reflects life's problems and challenges.
Penny descriptively paints a picture of another time and world that sweeps you along with your own imagination, which will be different and personal to each reader.
Reviewed by Kerry Wilson CO




I was lucky enough to be the first person to purchase this book directly from the author. I have never before read a spiritual fantasy adventure book but I LOVED this one!
The first chapter sets out the history of the characters and their world, and from therein the story grabs you and never lets you go. I didn't want to put the book down!
Lessons can be learnt from this story even though it is set in a fantasy land; the morals are specific to our everyday life.
I would highly recommend this book and I can't wait for Penny to write her next one!
Reviewed by Michelle, Colchester.




This book will appeal to all Healers - it is a novel with a special message, 'The Wigapom Quest' has an exciting story, on a par with The Celestine Prophecy by Author James Redfield. I found I did not want to put this book down. Within ten days I had read it cover to cover! The story helps readers delve deeper into their own feelings about love, life, energy, magical illusion and our spiritual selves. Personally, I would recommend you make The Wigapom Quest part of your life's journey learning.
Reviewed by Sir Thomas Lucas . Scientist & Healer.
Valerie A. Hall Fellow of The Healing Trust


The Scole Experiment



by Grant & Jane Solomon
( in association with The Scole Experimental Group )


Published by Champion Books ISBN 0-9546338-4-9

At a time when a never-ending stream of channelled work finds its way into the High Street bookstores it is refreshing to discover a book which is based on hard scientific evidence for Life after Death. Excellent though many of the channelled works may be there is nothing quite as remarkable as a volume which present solidly researched and endorsed facts for our continuing survival as chronicled in 'The Scole Experiment.'


To obtain an overview of how this evidence came into being we need to go back to 1993 when four psychic researchers embarked on a series of experiments in the Norfolk village of Scole. They dedicated five years to the experiment and what transpired was so groundbreaking that senior members of the renowned 'Society for Psychical Research' were invited to observe, test and record what took place. Those who did attend the Scole sessions were left in no doubt that discarnate intelligences were making direct contact. Evidence witnessed included objects, intelligent spirit lights and solid beings which materialised before previously sceptical observers: handwriting, symbols and messages appeared on sealed photographic film. Spirits communicated instructions for building complex instruments and communication devices and factual personal information concerning those present was given to the sitters by the discarnate intelligences.


On Page 211 of the new updated edition there is timely advice for healers concerning the need to be 'mindful of our thoughts and feelings and to approach their work with a happy attitude of mind. The more harmonious you are, the easier it is to blend, balance and attune the energies of our work. You are all a part of all that lives and breathes, a part of the planet itself. When you raise your consciousness, you raise others, for there is a spiritual link that binds us all together. Your consciousness can reach out and give hope to many.'
So teaches Manu, one of the guides.. This wisdom was given nearly 15 years ago - today Quantum Psychics is presenting scientific proof of this oneness.


Illustrated with some amazing and mind-provoking photographs, 'The Scole Experiment' deserves to have a place on all our bookshelves.


For more information visit the website :


Reviewed by Pamela A. Lyons MNFSH


Hot Off The Press


A fantastic book by Ian Lawton ( an extremely inspirational speaker missed by most of you at the AGM two years ago! ) - a total rewrite of his 'Book of the Soul' now entitled 'The Big Book of the Soul'.


Buy through Amazon or from
An extremely readable, well-written, interesting and thought-provoking book.


Reincarnation, past-life regression, the interlife - it's all here.


Price £12.99 free p&p. If you buy one book this year this should be it!


The Disappearance of the Universe


by Gary R. Renard


Published by Hay House - ISBN: 1-4019-0566-8


The Disappearance of the Universe is an interesting account of 17 conversations between the author and two ascended masters named Arten and Pursah, who appeared to him over a period of nine years. This book is a wealth of spiritual information that is an important book on its own, but is also a major clarification of the modern spiritual Guide called "A Course in Miracles". Because the themes here are universal, it is not necessary to be a student of A Course in Miracles in order to get a lot of help from this book. It takes advanced spiritual teachings and puts them in everyday conversational language that anyone can accept, understand, and apply in their lives.


This book has something very important to say and does a fantastic job saying it, but it has taken me some time to actually absorb the message it had to give. To quote from the book: PURSAH "The important point we want to leave you with is this. The book you are writing isn't about you, and it's not about us. We came here to give people a spiritual message, a message that not everyone is ready for yet, and this is it: When you are ready to accept that the only thing that really matters in your illusory lifetime is the successful completion of your lessons of true forgiveness, then you will be truly wise indeed".


It manages to completely explain the universe in a way that I've never seen done before. Topics include illusions, past lives, religion, sex, politics and the Miracles of forgiveness and a whole chapter on healing.


This book has completely changed my whole outlook on life, and in my opinion, is one of the best spiritual titles around. I am a lot happier, and I smile a lot more.


Review by Tracy Munn


If the Spirit Moves You


by Justine Picardie


Published by Picador


This is a book that makes an important contribution to our understanding of bereavement and the rage, terror and loss that leads some of us to search for contact with those who have passed. For healers in particular, it reveals a very intimate picture of the despair of deep grief which we may well encounter in clients coming to us for support at a time of crisis and spiritual exploration.


Justine Picardie was exceptionally close to her sister Ruth, who died from breast cancer. Before Ruth's death the sisters agree to continue to support each other, to keep contact, but in the first period of bereavement, Justine cannot hear her sister's voice. She begins a search, charted in the book as the journal of a desperate quest, to mediums, channellers, and anyone she comes across who believe they have a means of interacting with those in the spirit realm. Justine examines herself and her longing, clearly and honestly, and considers the nature of life and love, as well as death, and carries the reader compellingly to the 'outcome' of her year's seeking.


If you have lived through your own critical and life-shattering experiences of loss and bereavement, you will empathise with the sorrows and depth of longing described. If not, be guided and prepared, ultimately uplifted by a woman's redoubtable courage in her struggle to find meaning in the age of reason, the material, materialistic world where the voices of spirit are so very hard to hear.


Reviewed by Kate Ackerley


Choose Your Thoughts – Change Your Life


by Jane Duncan

Published by Living Well Publications ISBN 0-9531380-0-3


Jane Duncan has written a brilliant book that will help you turn your life around' writes Louise L. Hay (author of the universal bestseller 'You Can Heal Your Life') as a forward on Ms Duncan's book. The praise is well earned. This slim volume – just 126 pages - offers a simple, down-to-earth, practical and effective guide to harness the power of the mind, offering keys to help the reader unlock their potential by using creative thought.


Most of us have heard of affirmations but the perennial question is invariably, do they work? How does one practise them, and what is the right way to use them? This book sets out to demystify the gray area around affirmations and, step-by-step, the author leads the reader from the definition and principles of positive affirmations through to understanding how they work.


Ms Duncan examines the challenges most people face which can block thinking positively: she highlights the negative beliefs most of us unwittingly harbour, and explains how we innocently adopt other people's life scripts, then offers ways to identify our own storylines, dramas and themes.


The book offers guidelines to help the reader create compelling personal affirmations, and suggests ways to use them for the greatest effect by applying what Ms Duncan describes as the three P's – Practise, Persistence, Patience.


The last chapter - 'What you feel, you can heal' - leads the reader through the minefield of emotions and gives positive suggestions on how to be in charge of feelings, to separate past feelings from present ones, and how to embrace and connect with your younger self.


If you are not satisfied with your life, would like more from your relationships, or wish to realise and achieve your dreams, Jane Duncan offers a practical, effective guide to successfully addressing these areas and turning negative patterns into positive ones.


'Choose Your Thoughts, Change Your Life' is an easy, enjoyable read, a great resource, and offers the reader a powerful tool to help realise their potential.


Reviewed by Pamela A. Lyons


Living with Joy


by Sanaya Roman


Published by H J Kramer – ISBN 0-915811-03-0


This is an inspirational, self transformational book, which is full of spiritual insight and positivity.


The spirit energy, Orin, from where these words were inspired, is a healing teacher of Light whose wisdom resonates at soul level. The gentle quality of his lessons radiate throughout these pages of 'Living with Joy' in a loving way, touching the heart with very simple truths.


This book is a beneficial read for any soul-seeker with a wish to learn more about themselves in a spiritual sense. There are also useful activities at the end of each chapter which are good for group working, and which aid the process of positive thinking. I would recommend this book to anyone who feels they need a little light in their life!


Review from Chantelle Coupland MNFSH


Many Facets of Love


by Heather Lealan


Published by Athena Press ISBN 1-84401-254-9


This book was written by a NFSH member and is dedicated to the late Pamela Plummer, also a member, who sadly passed over in 1996. Pamela Plummer was Heather's spiritual leader, and friend. The book is written in an easy and understandable language and tells a story that suggests that, when the time is right, our spiritual journey unfolds and beckons us.


Heather's journey opens with her training to become a therapist and her experiencing heat being felt in her hands. One day, while queuing for a loaf of bread, a poster caught her eye - a Healing Centre was being advertised. Heather calls the number and her life changes forever. On meeting Pam, her spiritual journey begins.


The book is full of information and experiences. Heather's spiritual journey has its bleak and high times just as most of us, who are on the spiritual path, experience. The book is written from the heart, is informative for those just beginning their quest and a gentle reminder for those already travelling.


Having the pleasure of knowing Heather, I found the book a pleasure to read and one that reflects the author's straightforward and honest personality. 'Many Facets of Love' covers a wide range of subjects – from who or what is God, to reincarnation, what spiritual guides look like, and other related subjects. The book is a little gem for anyone's spiritual bookshelf.


Review from June Keeble MNFSH


The Game of Life and How to Play It


by Florence Scovel-Shinn


Published by L.N.Fowler & Company ISBN 0-852443-069-8


The copy on the back of the jacket of this slim volume states, 'Many thousands of people owe a great deal to this little book because it has taught them that life is not a battle but a game…it is a game of giving and receiving…'


Perhaps it is testimony enough to explain that this book was first published in 1925 and that today, 80 years later, it is still being reprinted! Since I first received a copy of this book as a gift, over twenty-five years ago, I have happily recommended it to friends, acquaintances and students. I have read and re-read 'The Game of Life and How to Play It' many times and today it still brings me fresh insights and continues to deepen my understanding of Universal Laws.


In less than a hundred pages the book offers a brimming cornucopia of simple truths as found in the Old and New Testaments. Yet these are Universal Truths covering everything from the law of prosperity, the power of the word', the law of non-resistance, of karma, and the law of forgiveness. There are teachings about casting the burden, of impressing the subconscious, of the power of Love, perfect self-expression and the Divine design. Also included is an understanding of denial and affirmations.


Ms Scovel-Shinn's book is, I would suggest, the forerunner of the plethora of self-help books, which abound in bookshops today. Perhaps its very simple approach to such an intensive field of study keeps it in the forefront of these titles. The author was a widely known artist and illustrator for many years before stepping across into metaphysics and through her great work of healing and assisting others to solve their problems she helped thousands. Her popularity as a teacher was attributed to the fact that she was always colloquial, informal, friendly and humorous and these qualities shine through the pages of her books as she writes of the familiar, the practical and everyday happenings.


'The Game of Life and How to Play It' was followed by, 'Your Word is Your Wand', 'Secret Door to Success' and 'Power of the Spoken Word' making up the quartet of Works penned by a gifted teacher of spiritual truths who had insight and understanding ahead of her time. Yet her work is timeless and the wisdom the author shares is as fresh and profound today as it was eighty years ago.


Review from Pamela A. Lyons MNFSH


Straight from the horse's mouth


by Amelia Kinkade


Published by Thorsons. Price £9.99 ISBN 0-00-712349-3


This delightful book was recommended by the International animal communicator, Wynter Worsthorne. Foreword by Bernie Siegel who met Amelia and through her traced a missing pet. Filled with wonderful stories and giving readers the skills to communicate with animals and hear them talk back. You can recognise what your pet is feeling, soothe their anxiety, or tackle a behaviour problem. This book will help you develop a more fulfilling relationship with your animal companions.


The Biology of Belief


by Bruce Lipton PhD


Published by Cygnus Books


The Biology of Belief is hailed as a book that it will change forever the way we think about the connection between Mind and Matter. It has been described as a major breakthrough presenting scientific evidence showing without doubt that genes and DNA do not control our biology. Dr Lipton shows that genes are turned on and off by signals from outside the cell - and this includes energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.


There have been many books written concerning the subject of Mind over Matter and how powerful creative visualisation - coupled with the power of belief - has brought a turnaround in a person's health and affairs. Professor William Tiller's extraordinary 'Black Box' experiments show that thought is indeed an energy that can be captured and that it changes the physical reality around it. Today, it seems Science is providing evidence and proving ancient philosophy.


What is so reassuring about Dr Lipton's discoveries is that his research shatters the old myth that we are victims of inherited biological chemical machines that are controlled by our genes. Instead, he gives sound scientific support to the understanding that we are in fact powerful creators of our lives and the world in which we live. Dr Lipton illustrates how beliefs - true or false - positive or negative - affect genetic activity and actually alter our genetic code. This is indeed groundbreaking work! It is also hugely supportive of the fact that we can retrain our consciousness to create healthy beliefs and in so doing, create lasting, positive results in our bodies and in our lives.


The Biology of Belief is available in softback from Cygnus Books priced £7.65. It is also available in a set of three CDs - either would make a thoughtful gift for the holiday season.


Listening to the Silences


by Roy Vincent. A free eBook


From the quiet backwaters of self-publishing there occasionally emerges a work that should be flagged up on every booklist - particularly those that feature autobiography, voice-hearing, spirituality and mental health.


All four are bound together by the Author as he describes and explores his more than twenty-seven years experience as a voice-hearer that are encapsulated in this book - experience that is continuous and continuing. But not just 'hearing voices', for the same phenomenon can include physical presence, mood creation, dominance and oppression, compulsion, addiction and paranoia. Surprisingly, he has never been ill from this cause nor sought medical intervention, because he knew from the outset that he was experiencing a form of spiritual intrusion into his mind and his person.


Correspondence from voice-hearers and carers demonstrates the truth of what he writes, and one recent unsolicited comment on '' concluded "…he pours water over unhelpful myths, and writes clearly in a way that could probably save someone's life."


Throughout, he emphasises most strongly that the converse of unwelcome intrusion exists - namely spiritual presence of the most benevolent kind - and he describes numerous instances in which he has had considerable help and encouragement.


I urge anyone who wants to understand voice hearing from the inside to read this book and to judge for themselves. And the good news is that you do not have to go to Amazon or any major publishers or booksellers, for so concerned is the Author that you should find and read his book that he has published his text free as an eBook. Go to and you will discover this gem that is entitled "Listening to the Silences". You will find that it is written with the observation and clarity that come from the mind of an engineer, but with the use and love of language that undoubtedly originate in his native Wales. Then read and study it, and, as the Author begs, put his knowledge and experience to work in a new understanding of the mind problems that beset so many individuals. Problems about which there are so many theories, as they pour out on an almost weekly basis; theories that do not come from within the heart and mind of the voice-hearer, as this first hand account does. And then tell others about this website.


The Healer's Manual


A Beginner's Guide to Energy Therapies


by Ted Andrews
(a teacher in the metaphysical and spiritual fields. Certified in Hypnotherapy, Acupressure and Herbs for Healthful Living). Isbn 0-87542-007-9


I found this book a few years ago and refer to it all the time. Ted Andrews covers vibrational medicine in easy to read and understandable ways exploring the vibrations through all the five senses. In Chapter two there is a brief look at the Occult and its relevance to healing.


His studies at the Centre for Chinese Medicine in California give the background to the inclusion of meridians with excellent but simple diagrams. Although American, Ted Andrews does not write full of Americanisms but in plain simple language for the layman to follow. An altogether useful reference and guide for everyone from the beginner to the more advanced healer.


Review by Viv Spence


Crystal Oracle


A card set from Tony Carmine Salerno


The set of cards I use on a regular basis is 'Crystal Oracle' from Tony Carmine Salerno
They are amazing! I call them my crystal of the day cards.


I use them after healing some times, every time someone picks a card I read them the message that goes with that particular card and it is always so accurate, people are amazed.


They are such lovely cards with beautiful crystals on they are a guidance from the heart of the earth.


Review from Dawn Morgan



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