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From the Chair of Region 7


Dear Healer


I hope this finds you well.


It has been a challenging time for everyone and Coronavirus has had ripple effects into almost every aspect of our lives. It's affected the way we live every day. So much has changed in a short time. As Healers we understand the importance of balance so we can can help ourselves and each other through this situation.
We can find calm and well-being even when we face uncertainty. Invite peace and comfort into your mind and heart.
We are approaching Remembrance Sunday, November 8th.
Normally this is a day of reunion for our region when at 11am, during the time of silence, we send healing for World Peace.
Could I invite you to join in as usual?


Here is a suggested meditation if you wish to use it.


Grounding and attuning in the usual way, let your light shine on your family, your friends, your country, your world...


May love heal our world
May we all choose kindness and compassion
May those who are sick, heal
May those who are anxious find peace
May those who are in pain be relieved
May those who have darkness in their hearts find love
And may the light inside of me radiate out into the world and every being who is part of it.
As you see your light beaming from you, notice there are other light workers, hundreds, thousands,
millions of people each radiating with their own source of light, shining with healing and love out into the world.
May the light inside all of us heal the world and may there be peace on Earth.


Feel the ground beneath your feet anchoring you once again, bringing your mind back to an everyday state.



Thank you


With healing love.


Diana Bylett

Chair Region 7







Emma Dalton 2020









September Workshop 2019 with Philip Carr-Gomm









Spring Workshop 2019 with Emma Dalton teaching us about Herbalism








Spring workshop 2018.




Mary Benefiel leading us in sacred chant and Dr Margriete Van Neiuwburg making a healthy smoothie.





March 2017.




Thomas Moore on the screen speaking from the USA (Skype)





Suzanna Trowsdale leading the Chakra meditation.





December 2016.



A picture of 3 students that have completed their Healer Training with Tutor Sue Brodie.



From left to right we have ....

  • Janice Makepeace

  • Joanne Collins and

  • Margaret Jameson.


"The course content is good to use to reference" (J.Makepeace).


"The subjects covered in this course covered many aspects of healing and complementary health and well-being.
Therefore I learnt more than expected.
It also opened my mind to subjects I had not considered before and will pursue further in the future" (J.Collins)


"I've enjoyed every moment - great to meet the rest of the group ....." (M.Jameson)


Question - Most valuable part of the course -

"Making the connection between all the various aspects of healing + opportunity to look at some of the suggested reading" (M.Jameson)

"Just want to say Thank you for helping me on my spiritual journey" (J.Makepeace)





November 13th 2016.







November 2016.







October 16th 2016.





Photos from the MBS attended by the Norwich Healing Centre.


You can contact the
Norwich Healing Centre here






NFSH at the Quaker House Summer Fayre on June 17th 2016.





This event enabled us to inform the public as well as 'The Friends' the purpose of the NFSH and the Norwich Healing Centre.

We spoke to and gave healing to several people. Most took away leaflets and/or cards of NFSH.








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