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Help the elderly keep their pets


Sue, a Friend of NFSH, sent this item, from the Maldon & Burnham Standard, about the work of the National Charity, The Cinnamon Trust.


The Trust was formed to support the elderly and terminally ill and their much loved pets.
Sue is a volunteer and walks Jasper, the dog that is featured in the article.
She thought others might be interested as volunteers are needed in all areas of the UK.



Shortage of walkers hits Maldon district


by Nina Morgan


VOLUNTEER dog walkers are desperately needed in the Maldon district to enable the elderly and sick to keep their beloved pets.


National charity, The Cinnamon Trust, has highlighted a volunteer shortage in the district, which has left a 72-year-old Heybridge great-grandmother with no one to walk her Border terrier.


Jean Cockett, of Lawling Avenue, said:
"It would break my heart to give Jasper up.
"I dont know what I would do without him. I would be on my own with no one to talk to."



Divorced Mrs Cockett, 72, suffers with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, which means she is unable to walk her one-year-old pet.
Her grandson has been walking Jasper, but he is starting college in September and so she needs someone to take over.


Mrs Cockett, who has had two strokes, said:
"Animals are brilliant company. Jasper is well behaved, but gets awfully excited when someone comes round."


The Cinnamon Trust was formed to support the elderly and terminally ill and their much loved pets.
Volunteers help to keep owners and pets together either by walking a dog for a housebound owner,
fostering pets when the owners need hospital care and even cleaning out a bird cage.


Trust spokesman Sally Collins said:
"We have a shortage of volunteers in Maldon.
"The Cinnamon Trust is desperate for volunteers in this area. Even if you can only offer an hour a week, it will improve the dogs quality of life so much and give the owner peace of mind."


If you can help, call 01736 758707 or e-mail by clicking here



Healing Reunion Day in Suffolk


The sun shone all day at the Cedars’ Spiritualist Church in Ipswich on Saturday 23rd June, where a wonderful lady, NFSH/The Healing Trust Tutor, Elisabeth Bond, organised a reunion day of delights for 30 of her past students. Elisabeth has been a NFSH Tutor since 2006.


Some of the Students attending had only just completed their NFSH part 4 two weeks previously.


The day kicked off with refreshments and a good chat. It was then my turn to get everybody into a state of relaxation and leading them through a visualisation. I felt very honoured to be asked to do this in front of a large audience, as I had only done this a few times before as part of the healer Development and Support Group.


Next on the agenda was Kevin with his interesting talk on the background history and science of Aura Imaging, followed by a demonstration of real time Live Aura Capture and Biofeedback technologies which was amazing to watch. Two lucky people had the chance to have healing while the rest of the audience were able to watch the colours and movement of the aura and the influence of a healer. It was interesting to see healing energy and its effect on the aura.


We then had time to mingle and meet new friends over a magnificent lunchtime spread to which everyone kindly contributed food.


After lunch, Victoria delighted us with her paintings inspired by Spirit. She explained to us the process of achieving these beautiful images and invited us to say what we could feel and see. Victoria asked for volunteers to stand in front of a series of Angelic abstract paintings and we were thrilled to see them change in front of our eyes. Victoria is also one of Elisabeth's past Students who is now a Full Healer with the NFSH/The Healing Trust.


The afternoon rounded off with healing. Elisabeth arranged us in two circles, the inner circle being the ‘patients’ - and the outer, the healers. She then asked the outer circle to hum a low tone and the inner a slightly higher note and we could feel the resonating energy rising. We then focused the energy into the centre of the circle and directed the healing energy to Mother Earth. After a closing prayer we said our goodbyes and thanked Elisabeth for a lovely day.


Sandra Willis (NFSH S27218)


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