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Healer Support Groups


NFSH Healer Development / Support Groups are held across the Region. The main objective of these groups, run by NFSH members, is to offer trainee healers a safe and supportive environment in which to practise their healing.


Support Groups offer an opportunity for Student healers to be monitored and their progress recorded in their Log Books in preparation for when they wish to apply to become full Healer Members.



Group Leaders

Healer Support Group Leaders are members of the NFSH who have the confidence, knowledge and personal skills to help the Student or less experienced healer.



Healer Support Groups provide opportunities for practising healers, especially Students, to:-


1. Develop their healing capabilities
2. Have access to a mutually supportive group of people
3. Offer and receive healing under supervision
4. Raise questions concerning their healing practise
5. Share experiences with other healers


Other possible benefits include:-


1. Discussion of related topics through specialist talks and demonstrations
2. Development of spiritual awareness
3. Access to public healing events

Thinking about becoming a healer?


Contact a group nearest to you in the regional list below to find out more.

Healer Support and Development Groups offer both Student and Healer Members a forum for sharing their healing abilities and working in a friendly way to continue their personal and professional development. If there isn't one near you consider starting one of your own, guidelines are available.


  Location Group leaders Meeting details Tel. e-mail
  Great Shelford Suzanna Trowsdale 1st Sat. 2 - 4pm monthly 01223 843108 email
  Shenfield Christine Bachmann 07974 645992 email
  Brentwood Maureen Sturman & Linda Toms 3rd Weds. monthly 01277 202847 email
  Elstead Market Valerie Hall 1st Mon. monthly 7.30 01206 820958
  Kings Lynn Jenny Twiddy 1st Mon. Fortnightly 7.30 - 9.30pm 01553 840825 email
  Norwich Alan Hanton & Peter Harling 2nd Thurs. monthly 7.30 - 9.30pm 01603 425250 email
  Ipswich Sandra Willis 19 Main Rd, Kesgrave, IP5 1AQ
7.00 - 9.00pm
Fri 18th Oct
Fri 15th Nov
Fri 20th Dec No Group
01473 310076 email
  Bury St Edmunds Bryan Timms 4th Weds. 7-9pm monthly 01284 702338 email
  Please ring contact number for venue and any change in time or day
Many healers offer help on an individual basis. For details in your area contact NFSH Central Office: Tel: 01604 603247


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