Region 7


Centres in NFSH Region 7


NFSH Healing Centres form an integral part of the organisation's infrastructure and have been established across the UK as part of the NFSH service to the public.


Some are officially established NFSH Centres where all healers are qualified NFSH practising members. Other Centres embrace NFSH healing alongside other disciplines.


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You will find NFSH qualified healers at the following centres
  Centre Address Opening Days/Times Contact
    The Andreasen Holistic
Healing Centre
Friends Meeting House,
91 Hartington Grove,
Cambridge, CB1 7UB
Every Thursday, 1.30 - 4.00pm Don Cook 01223 874556
Donald email
    Woodford Bridge
"The Bridge to Health"
The Bridge Pharmacy (First Floor),
696 - 702 Chigwell Rd, Woodford Bridge, Essex
1st. Wednesday in the month
8.00 - 9.30pm.
Michael Hartzel Tel: 020 8502 9200
Michael email
    Norwich Healing Centre Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane,
Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1EW
website: www.norwichhealingcentre.co.uk
Click here to email
First Saturday of the month,
1.30 - 3.30pm.
Miles Clayden Tel: 07802 277031
Miles email