The NFSH Healing Trust
About the organisation


NFSH Charitable Trust Ltd.


NFSH Charitable Trust Ltd., founded in 1954, is acknowledged to be the principal and most respected spiritual healing organisation in the UK and, through its affiliated organisations, world wide.


NFSH is non-denominational but accepts the source of healing as divine. The word 'spiritual' refers to that quality of spirituality implicit in the healing process.


Members work in accordance to a Code of Conduct and are covered by 4,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.


Healers work in their own or patients' homes, through Therapy Centres, NFSH Healing Centres and in the work place. Spiritual Healing has been recognised as a therapy within the National Health Service and many healers work in doctors' practices, hospitals and hospices.


The NFSH seeks to embrace and maintain the highest standards of professional healing practise and training governed by spiritual ethics and motivated by unconditional love.