About healing


Healing as a therapy


Through its professionally presented, practical Training Courses and application the NFSH helps to demystify the ancient, powerful, yet gentle art of Spiritual Healing which helps to restore health and wellbeing to the body, mind and spirit.


A healer acts as a conduit or channel through which healing energies flow to the client. This relaxes and re-energises the client enabling them to use their own innate self-healing intelligence to restore balance, health and wellbeing in the best possible way.


There is no limit to what healing may do. It can help with illnesses ranging from the apparently minor through to what may clinically be termed life threatening. Improvements to health can occur naturally at whatever level it is needed. It can help heal the physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional conditions simply and non-invasively, sometimes to a remarkable degree.


In addition to relieving pain and restoring function, healing is also notable for initiating improvements in patients' attitudes, clarity of thought and in their quality of life.


Healing can stand alone as a therapy and has no harmful side effects yet it is complementary to other therapies as well as with the treatment your doctor prescribes.


Healing is a process which, primarily, helps you to help yourself. It is beneficial to children - and to animals. Spiritual Healing is a profound science available to everyone.



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