Distant Healing
About distant healing


What is Distant Healing?


Distant Healing is the act of sending healing to a person who is not present with the healer. It is possible for healers to transmit healing energies over any distance and this form of healing can be highly effective. The person needing healing may or may not be aware that this healing has been undertaken for them but they may receive great benefit. It works in a similar way to Contact Healing when a person is actually with a healer. Distant healing helps with all types of illnesses from the simple to medically diagnosed acute and chronic conditions.



How Distant Healing works.


In its simplest form, Distant Healing can be a prayer that healing will be sent to the person who needs help at any specific time. Healers send their Distant Healing 'unconditionally', knowing that the healing energies will be directed where they are needed and in a way which is right for the recipient. That means the healer honours the fact that each person is more than the physical body that they are spirit. It is the spirit or, Higher Self, which will dictate the healing energies and all will operate under Divine Law and not from a personal desire to see that someone is cured of a particular condition. The healer, acting as a conduit for Distant Healing, also recognises and honour's the soul's evolutionary journey and that the reason for a dis-ease may be for a much more profound reason than they are allowed to know.


Distant Healing can be a particularly helpful way for sending healing if the person/s live a long way away; it can also be sent to people in hospitals, hospices, prisons and other institutions. Children, and animals, as well as the planet can benefit from this non-invasive method of healing.


If you or someone you know would like to receive Distant Healing, please send us their name by using the form below so that we can include them on our Distant healing list. The Region 7 Distant Healing Members who form the Group to work with Distant Healing will then undertake to include these people in their work.


Click here to add a name to Region 7's Distant Healing List.


When does Distant Healing take place?


Every week, on various days and nights, dedicated NFSH registered healers join together for the purpose of sending Distant Healing to those people who have requested it for themselves or, for others who they have named. The groups will include these people who, for various reasons, cannot receive Contact Healing.


Maintaining the Distant Healing Service.


This service is undertaken by Region 7 of the NFSH Charitable Trust Limited acting as a registered charity in community service and is maintained by voluntary donations. NFSH Region 7 members give their time freely which makes donations received to assist in maintaining the service even more welcome.


Donations made to NFSH Region 7 may be sent by cheque or Postal Order made out to NFSH Region 7 and send to the regional treasurer.


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